katalogkapak-1024x724We take you on beautiful forest rides near to the river. You will ride in the river with the horses (500 m) Our horses are well trained and we take novice and experienced riders. We start your excursion with a 15 minute talk about the area and what we expect you to do while out with us. You will ride with our professional team of riders and guides. All customers are obliged to wear safety helmets. Children under 6 years old can be carried in front of an accompaning adult. There is no charge for a child riding in this way. Your ride will be for 1hr 30mins including a break for you to enjoy the river and the scenery. We collect you and return you to your hotel. Please allow up to 4hrs for the excursion.  Security boxes are provided for a small charge to put all a cameras, phones etc. that are not allowed on the excursion. We take videos and photos of your trip which can be delivered to your hotel. Please ask for the price. Your excursion is insured but if you opt for gallop please note this is NOT insured. Our site has a cafe serving cold and hot drinks and food for you and the horses. There are showers and toilet facilities, WIFI